Week 12 – Conversation with an Artist – Angie Samblotte

This week I had the pleasure of walking into the lovely home of Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune.  Or at least it felt like it when I walked past a welcome mat into “Taking my Time in the Paradigm”, an exhibit by the two aforementioned BFFs.


The exhibit was filled with works by the two ladies whom are actually best friends and you definitely feel at home with the pieces within the Dutzi gallery walls.  When talking to Ms. Angie Samblotte you realize this is the goal and they have hit it spot on.  Angie explained how her’s and Lacy’s goal was to encourage viewers to take the time to slow down and appreciate life and all the little particles of it that go on unnoticed.   This gallery featured a few very “homey” pieces and I am going to feature two of my favorites.


First we have Engrained which I could love simply for the title alone but the artwork is pretty cool too:


At first glance you see a row of bread which on its own is just great.  Seriously love the pun and love the artistry in the bread, or should I say artisan BA DUN TSS.  Each individual slice is beautifully crafted and together makes the perfect loaf.  On closer inspection you see hands engaging in an act that Angie revealed was simply a game of Pattycake which is pretty much engrained in everyone’s childhood hence the title of the work.  I did not understand the connection between Pattycake and bread until Angie explained it was simply to connect the grain to the Engrained which was pretty cleaver.  I like how there is growth from one end bread to the other and I think there had to have been lots of patience to get each slice just right.  I feel a sense of home with his piece because I grew up with both aspects as Angie said so I cannot help but remember being young and making school sandwiches (or being 18 and making work sandwiches) as well as playing hand games with all of my friends.  The message here is sweet and nostalgic and I think the girls accomplished it just so.

20141113_111148 Here we have Daily Death which features a leaf floating to its death by the stomping of a shoe.  Though it is a bit hard to tell from my camera quality, the leaf is sketched but the footprint is quite real.  I loved this piece because for starters it is quite simple.  While there is always meaning to art, this is quite straight forward as leaves die daily and get stomped on daily voila.  This connects to the urge to slow down though because these “daily deaths” go by unnoticed day after day.  Granted we cannot have a funeral for every fallen leaf but we can appreciate the beauty that leaf had in life and in death.  This show strongly urges us to pay attention to all that we ignore and this piece is a prime example of a beauty gone to waste because we are too busy to see it.  I love how the pages are displayed to look like an actual leaf falling and I love the real footprint.  I feel that it makes the piece relatable and conveys a strong message to pay attention to your human footprint.

Lastly I must give an honorary mention to this piece because I love the idea behind it.  Angie and Lacy as best friends got pages from their sketch books and recycled them to make a piece together which I just think is so sweet.  So the artistic result of these ladies’ struggles and successes can be seen here in Sketchbook:


To see more of Angie Samblotte’s work, click on the mccunesamblotte tag, visit http://www.angiesamblotte.com/ or follow her on http://angiesamblotte.tumblr.com/ and stay tuned for more lovely work to come.