Week 10 – Conversation with an Artist (Sorta) – #Sculptured

This week I chose to showcase a gallery that did not have an excited up and coming artist waiting outside to interview.  For this reason I will simply blog about the pieces I took pictures of however I would like to say that if I could I would like to have met the artists because I absolutely love sculpture work and I think the artists that took part in the gallery (titled #Sculptured) did an amazing job! So without further ado, here are a few pieces from #Sculptured:


I Really Wanted these Centered but WordPress was not Being my Friend

So let’s start with the one on the left!  I especially loved this piece because it seemed like an illusion.  The sculpture looks as though it were fluid running over shapes such as what appears to be the letter: D.  I am quite fond of anything that tricks the eye which is why this piece caught my attention.  The creation reminds me of a thick fresh can of paint being poured over shapes to create this artistic mess.  I really admire the details on this because seriously I can only imagine how long it took to get the piece so smooth it resembles fluid.  I fought the urge to touch it so hard!!  I would love to see the effort put into this piece because I am sure it was a plenty!  I feel the choice of using the color white was intentional as white can convey so many things.  In this piece I feel white is maybe representative of purity as this mess becomes this clean and pure piece of art. Why the D though I may never understand.  I do know that this piece is D-lightful though!

Now for piece number two.  I know what you’re thinking: how expensive was this to make?! Well when you find the answer let me know because I too am curious! But talk about effort and attention to detail! Looking at this piece in person, every penny was so meticulously placed in the exact right spot and the end result looked quite frankly really cool.  I admire that there is a specific order to the placement of coins such that you can see the piece as having layers, not just stacks of coins.  I really am curious as to how this was put together and how heavy this is.  This sculpture gallery was so hard to keep my hands off of (but I managed).  I will admit though that I do not see a deep or profound meaning in this piece.  I have no doubt that there is one however I did not see more than a beautifully crafted block of shiny pennies.  But perhaps there is a reason to using pennies so shiny or layering them so, this reason is what makes them art.  Knowing the ‘why’ behind this piece or not,  I do appreciate all of the work put into it and I think the results came out really amazing.  I would put this in my living room if I am fortunate enough to live in a fancy house some day!  To conclude my blurb of the week I will say that #Sculptured was a pleasure to walk through and these artists deserve some serious kudos. To learn more about the art or artists click on the tags and have fun exploring!