Week 13 – Conversation with an Artist – BFA Exhibition

This week, CSULB’s finest put together a collaborative show of magnificent work from talented artists. The result?


“Post Synthesis” showcased many amazing art works from drawing and painting majors at CSULB. I was especially drawn to works that had intense color or used color in a way that felt significant so two pieces stood out to me.


This first piece is a wonderful rectangle of chaos. I’m always a fan of chaotic art so this piece had no trouble bringing me in.  I love the prisms falling in the image simply because I love the shapes. What makes this piece really great in my opinion is that you have order because the shapes are so neat and the colors are demure yet you have disorder because the shapes are different in many ways, such as size, and they are all falling. However I could be wrong perhaps they are floating up but my first impression is a drop from the sky. As for the significance in color, I admire that the colors seem to match. I’m sure there is a complicated theory to the colors being complimentary to one another but from my perspective I feel no color is out of place and the colors chosen are calming because they are not overly intense and they do follow a certain order.

The second piece I love I’m sure you will too:


How beautiful is that? I love this scene even if just for that beautiful moon. Upon further reflection I feel like that may actually be a setting sun but my first impression was that it was a mokn because the rest of the work looks, to me, like a night sky. I like the though it is a moon because I feel it makes the picture seem all the more dramatic. Although I don’t know the artist was going for this, this image reminds me of Native American culture. I could see the peaks in the image resembling ancient homes and even the choice in depicting the landscape a certain way seems like symbolism which is very prevalent in Native American culture. I love the colors because they are intense. That celestial sphere is so alluring I could just gaze at it for an eternity. I also admire the beautiful dark colors that canvas the rest of the landscape. As I mentioned I feel it bares resemblance of a night sky. I think the lines represent ripples of a lake and I like the concept of mixing pattern with non pattern. I feel it gives this image many places for the viewer to look and you definitely will not see just one thing in this painting

I saw some truly marvelous art featured this week and I commend all of these ambitious artists! To see more from this exhibition, click on the tags and do some exploring, you will not be disappointed!