Week 14 – Interview with an Artist – Troy Rounseville

This week I had the pleasure of entering the craziest gallery exhibition yet by the great Troy Rounseville.


In talking to Troy he had high hopes for where his exhibition would go not only in its creation but beyond.  He does hope to tour around with this exhibition and I definitely feel it would be a smash hit.  What I found amazing was that this was completely his creation.  Granted he admitted he had help from friends but he painstakingly put every piece together from the wiring to the music to create the wonderful works presented to the students of CSULB.  So without further adieu, it is my pleasure to feature a few parts from this wonderful exhibition.


Upon entering the exhibition you hear an eerie and uneven soundtrack coming on from time to time and featured around the gallery.  Troy chalked up the magnificent work to simply putting in time in classes to learn the wiring of it all to get everything to work so perfectly.  The instruments featured here would begin playing themselves at different times for a few seconds to coincide with the musical soundtrack already being played.  This totally freaked me out! But I loved it nonetheless.  Perhaps my opinion has a bias because I am a musician and that is where my heart is but I felt the idea was truly original.  I definitely felt an over all dark tone from the music and the way the instruments were positioned.  Perhaps this was the only way to get them to work with for electrical reasons but come one what is more dark than a hanging piano?  The bass drum was the worst/best though. The deep sound came out of nowhere assuming you had been in the gallery and not yet heard it, as I had not.  It definitely caught me off guard but immediately a scene played through my head with the music and drum as a background and story teller. I loved it.

Also featured was a record player which I could only assume was partly providing the eerie soundtrack for the exhibit.


Like the other pieces, this one would play itself periodically and contribute to the macabre.  I love the look because I am a sucker for vinyl but also because it contributes to a dark old timey feel which always makes things more creepy right?

The subsection of the gallery was a claustrophobic cube that was magnificent.  I will admit I had to come back to the gallery with my boyfriend just so he could experience it.  So here it is, the wonderful, terrifying cube:


Now unfortunately it does not look like much because I could not capture the cube and really, it is a cube of mirrors I am not sure how anyone could but you get the point.  The room is small with mirrors and lights everywhere and a speaker playing creepy music every so often.  Fortunately the door was kept open because I am pretty sure I would have had a major freak out if I was enclosed in this cube of madness.  As scary as standing inside was to me, it was mesmerizing because my reflection is just that great…KIDDING of course.  It was so mesmerizing possibly because there a very few times any one of us would be enclosed by mirrors and further more, rooms of mirrors like to play tricks on the mind.  Thankfully this was a cube not a maze.  I felt it contributed to the gallery by being its own dark corner of insanity.  The musical aspect came in here because it was played and even echoed a bit in the box.  Or maybe it did not echo I do not know because I was submerged in the madness for the minute or so I was in there.  I think this work showed the great artistry Troy possesses as well as his ambition.  The idea seemed truly original and worked well with all the works featured. Kudos to you Troy! To see more of these works or Troy click on the tags!