Week 8 – Interview with an Artist- Helen Werner Cox

This week I had the pleasure of viewing wonderfully detailed prints by Ms.Helen Werner Cox at the the featured student art galleries at CSULB.  Helen’s work was featured among other artist’s prints as well but I was especially drawn to hers because of the mass amounts of detail she put into her work.


Helen Werner Cox’s Sketch of a Model at the Beach

I have always appreciated any work that an artist goes above and beyond to show detail in and Helen Warner Cox does just that.  I asked her why she decided to use a lot of lines in her work and described how they gave her work form as opposed to perhaps ordinary shading.  Ms. Cox  was very happy to discuss how the process was difficult for her as it took mass amounts of focus and detail to create the images featured in the exhibit as they are more focused and exact then her own personal projects.  She found though that she could do so much with this sketch simply thanks to the model herself and the beach she was sketching at.  Because the model was larger, Helen was able to really push herself to explore a focus on cross-hatching and form.  This was a new level for Helen and she was happy with the results.

I asked Helen if she preferred working with the alive as opposed to perhaps a photograph and she does.  She feels she can see so much more sketching from a model than a photograph and it is evident in her work.  One can truly appreciate the depth of her sketches through the cross-hatching as it conveys a beautiful solemn image of a soul lost in thought on the rocks.  I also applaud the proportions Helen gave the model because, as far as I can tell, they were spot on.  The sketch looks as though it were a black and white photograph with added detail, not like a sketch of a model with perhaps one really long arm, or one tiny head, which is quite a feat worth celebrating!

Lastly I asked Ms.Cox why she took one of her sketches and used to different color schemes for it:

20141016_111103 20141016_111111

Same Sketch, Different Colors

Ms. Cox merely explained she was experimenting with print-making.  Theme-based work and printmaking were both out of her comfort zone so she decided to go beyond her limits and see what she could create. The results? Beautiful artwork conveying the human form.  However more important than my own opinions of her work, were hers as they showed her own passion and struggle to create through new mediums so I asked Ms.Cox if she like the results of her work. I am happy to say she most certainly did!  She admired the fruits of her labor and wishes to continue experimenting and I hope her experiments may end up in the galleries again simply so I could have the pleasure of talking to Helen one more time.  To learn more about her, or her work featured this week, click the csulbprintmaking tag and be mesmerized.  Helen also has a website featuring her work including those I showcased and many more! To see more beautiful artwork, go to http://www.helenwernercox.com/ ! 🙂