Week 14 – Interview with a Classmate – April Gliane

This week marks the last of 14 where I interviewed a new student every week.  It has been quite rewarding I have met some truly amazing and ambitious people.  This interviewee was no different!  This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. April Gliane, a 2nd year student whom also shared in the plight that is being an undeclared major, such as myself, until recently.

April’s ambitions lie in nursing which she hopes to declare soon.  This interest came from the professions of her parents as they too were nurses.  However, they have only been motivation to her, they never chose her path for her which is something to be admired in parenting now a says.  We also share the common past time of working when not in class.  April works at a Zumiez where she actually enjoys work and has a very great manager.  She says her parents were not thrilled at her working while in school but she assured me, and them I am sure, that the job is easy and she has been balancing everything just fine.  There she is a sales associate and the atmosphere can be described by her as “really chill”!

Other than working we had a few more common interests (though I can hardly say working is an interest).  She likes going to the beach and she also enjoys hanging out with her boy friend on the off chance she has free time from school and work.  However, April is very family oriented.  She enjoys spending time with her three sisters as well as her supporting family.  I asked April what she was looking forward to the most in her life and she said Christmas, another interest we share!  April was very kind and we enjoyed one another’s interview most likely because we may be in fact be the same person *lol*.  At any rate the pleasure was all mine of interviewing April and I have no doubt she will be successful in life and have many more great experiences being the kind woman she is! To learn more about April visit her website at http://withloveapril.wordpress.com/page/2/ !

20141204_110017 April and I 


Week 12 – Conversation with a Classmate – Evan Huang

Week number 12 introduced to me to the very tall, among other great qualities, Evan Huang!  I have become like a predatory eagle in scouting interviewees for Art 110 and so I immediately snagged Evan once I hit the courtyard of Art 110 students!  Without further adieu, Evan Huang ladies and gentleman!

20141113_110657 Evan Huang, Second Year Criminal Justice Major at CSULB

While talking to Evan I realized just how much of a focused individual he is.  He actually skipped straight to taking a 300 level class this semester so to say he’s career minded and intelligent is quite an understatement.  Overall though, Even does like his school career so far and looks forward to what lies ahead on his path in Criminal Justice.  He told me that he took Art 110 as a GE requirement more than anything however what I did not know until I checked out his site (evanshuang.com) that he is quite the artist himself!  He takes some pretty rad pictures definitely worth a scroll 🙂  He did describe having a love of photography though whether it be landscapes or people, I just had no idea how great his skills were and how much he follows it and I definitely encourage him to keep at it.

Among his hobbies is playing tennis where he actually makes money as a private coach.  Needless to say, Evan is pretty much great at everything.  He also likes to hike which I am finding is a common interest and I think we should all just go on an Art 110 hiking trip #justsayin .  Food-wise, Evan’s heart lies with Pizza and sushi… probably not at the same time but hey I am not here to judge.  He also loves his large family that he has gone to visit in Taiwan and while telling me this I would like to mention his face lit up so his love for Taiwan is pretty legit.

In general, Evan is looking forward to getting good grades and making it to law school some day.  Might I just say taking, and surviving, a 300 level class already is a pretty good start.  His goals lie in his career but he carries with him his artistic passion and love for his family which make one well-balanced Mr.Huang.  Evan has reached great success thus far and I hope he continues to soar because with his talent and determination, nothing can stop him.  To learn more about his career or see his amazing photography you may once again visit evanshuang.com and seriously give him a call for some great picture taking!


Evan is Even Adept at Selfie-Taking

Week 10 – Conversation with a Classmate – Stephen Lozano

I have noticed many of my fellow classmates in my art 110 class are freshman, I never thought I would feel so old! As I’m sure you can guess, this week I interviewed a very sociable freshman by the name of Stephen Lozano and I came to realize we had a common love of the movie “Tron Legacy” so I can consider him a cool freshman.

20141028_121915 Stephan Lozano: Cool Freshman

Stephen and I did not grow up too far apart as he comes from Whittier, Ca. and I from Norwalk, Ca. so maybe LA county residents just share similar interests in cinema. Stephen is actually a quite ambitious first year student pursuing business management with a minor in art.  He managed to snag a student interview pretty quick so I am sure he is going to go far in his field.  Our interests in cinema differed when he said how much he loved the movie “Cars” and that it was the best Pixar movie. I’m sorry Stephen but no, “The Incredibles” takes the cake hands down.

Back to similarities though we do have similar interests in music! I actually saw him listening to a rap group I am fond of, that being the group Odd Future and I made him jealous when I told him I was going to see them.  In general, Stephen likes alternative rock, classic rock, and rap which is pretty nifty.  His favorite bands though are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk which he noted were totally out of the genres mentioned but hey they are awesome bands!  Unlike me though, Stephen likes to be productive.  He gets very interested in projects he sees or learns about online and he makes them happen! Among them he built a “Tron” – themed skateboard which looks so cool that it makes me sad I do not have a picture.

As for his future plans in life, Stephen has a vision.  In his own words, Stephen would like to own a clothing line and become a millionaire some day.  Now at first this dream may seem absurd and simply too generic however Stephan is very determined and with his drive I have no doubt he will accomplish his dream.  He definitely strong artistic/creative side to own a clothing line and his business management skills will get him to that million dollar mark.  I can confidently say Stephen is a driven freshman that will blow us all out of the water some day! To learn more about him, visit http://stevenwlozano.com/page/3/ and enjoy!


I Thought We Were Doing Funny Faces… #Lulz

Week 7 – Interview With a Classmate – Maeghan McBee

As per the ritual of my Thursday Art 110 class, I glanced around a courtyard of my peers and plucked out a partner! This week I interviewed the lovely Maeghan McBee! She was such a pleasure to talk to I forgot to take a picture 😦 . I snagged one from her website and I chose a picture from when she practiced her counter factual identity project because she is simply rocking in that picture.


                                                                        Meaghan Looking like a Rockstar

As a began my conversation with Meaghan, she immediately noticed we have the same class ring which is pretty cool if you ask me. I can say she definitely has good taste!  We are also both sophomores however Meaghan is well on her way to her major in criminal justice.  She hopes with this degree to pursue a career as a criminal detective or perhaps assisting in the rehabilitation of those who are considered criminal.  To top off her very ambitious career, Meaghan is studying to minor in forensics to help fulfill the science interest in her life.  Other than science and criminal justice, Meaghan is very into studies of the mind and humans such as social science, anthropology, and sociology which, when coinciding with her major, will make her one very successful detective one day if that is the path she decides to travel.  Any conversation with Meaghan would surely reveal she is one smart sophomore!

While Meaghan is just going to school right now, she does have a lot to look forward to.  Her adventures will be taking her to Disneyland and Mexico soon and her heart will be full again when her boyfriend comes down to visit her and possibly live with her in the near future.  Ms. McBee simply does not settle for a dull day as she is always looking forward and finding ways to avoid repetition and monotony.  Eventually she hopes to move up North where she grew up and wishes to start a family there.  We both share the same goal of being successful and stable to one day raise a family and be a super mom.  With her studies and career there is no doubt that Meaghan will accomplish this! To learn more about Meaghan McBee go to  http://maeghanmcbee.wordpress.com/  and explore her adventures so far!