Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My how time has flown by as it has become the time of the semester where we, the students, give feedback! I personally am quite happy to do this because as a chatty Kathy, I have lots to say. ūüôā So first off, my 3 favorite activities of the semester *drum roll please*…. plaster casting, painting, and our landscape project! I know I did not get to writing about our plaster casting activity but I really wish I had because I loved it. ¬†I had a great time at the beach making the project and I am happy with the result (which was a chubby, sandy, mutant baby hand). ¬†I felt it was an interesting take on sculpture work and it did actually teach me a thing or two about plaster! Seriously though how many projects allow for a great beach day? ¬†As for painting, I love spray paint and graffiti art. ¬†I find it so amazing what street artists can do even if they are merely working with a name. ¬†I do not think my letters were of a street artist caliber but they came out way better than I expected and I am proud of myself! ¬†Lastly, I loved the landscape project because I love photography and story telling and that was both. ¬†I really wish I had more at my disposal to make a truly gruesome Hollywood death but I had a lot of fun with the project.

As for my 3 least favorite projects, they would have to be our counter factual identity project, our “teach one” project, and our e-portfolio project. ¬†I was not a fan of the counter factual simply because I felt so uncomfortable in my other identity. ¬†I suppose within my own circle of friends I can be loud and out there but around strangers I am not nearly so brave so putting myself out there made me feel really vulnerable and unpleasant. ¬†To be honest I really did not get much out of the project other than that. ¬†Not to say it is not useful nor elicit of deep thinking it just was not for me. ¬†As for the “teach one” I just ran into the issue I have every week which is not having time between school and work. ¬†However with the other solitary projects, it was much easier to get them done on my own time in between or with the help of my boyfriend after school but finding time in my busy schedule as well as my “student’s”, AKA my brother’s, was difficult and I really had to rush it. ¬†As for designing an e-portfolio I was simply frustrated more than anything. ¬†Word press is not terribly difficult to navigate but it is a bit overwhelming with the array of choices and trying to get it personalized on every level. ¬†I think the idea and the website is great it just was not something I had enough time to really work on to my liking.

Over all I did enjoy this class as well as the people I have met a long the way. ¬†I have found most people are nice at my school if you simply get to know them and everyone has a fascinating story. ¬†Most of the activities were a lot of fun and I had a great time doing them as well as working with my loved ones to get a great finished product. ¬†Also found out via this class that I am a fan on blogging ! ¬†However it is a bit of a double-edged sword. ¬†This class did open me up to blogging however I found writing 3 posts a week was too time-consuming simply because I do work long hours when I am not at school long hours so I had just had little time to devote to this homework or any other for that matter. ¬†Granted I am aware it is my choice to work but in a way I really do need to work. ¬†I feel maybe less writing per week would be optimum perhaps doing Vlogs instead or perhaps a hybrid of both? ¬†Honestly having enough time to do my blogs was the only main struggle I faced this semester and it makes me sad that I did not complete them all for this reason. ¬†At any rate I did find this class very valuable and I have had such a great time as a student so a big thank you to Glenn and Art 110 ūüôā


Week 11 – Conversation with a Classmate – Kim Tang

I would like to start by saying honestly, meeting strangers weekly has been such a positive experience for me. ¬†Everybody I have met has been so kind and really I must say I never thought a class so large would have so many nice people. ¬†I did not even know that many nice people existed! ¬†This week’s very nice person was Kim Tang and she was a\n absoulte pleasure to talk to!

20141030_105920 Kim Tang, 2nd year Pre-Nursing major at CSULB

I  already lost how I could wrap text so again, my apologies.  Kim here was as sweet as can be though I should begin with!  She is a busy bee completing work-study while going into her pre-nursing major but she still remains this calm and kind woman, you go girl!  I noticed Kim was quite inquisitive and eager in her interview so I can only imagine she is a social butterfly, who would not want to be friends with someone actually excited to learn about you ?!

However, Kim did mention how she can be found at our school’s library practically 24/7! ¬†I asked her what she like to do on her free time and other than studying, she explained how she quite enjoyed playing with polymer clay which is pretty cool. ¬†Maybe she can make sculpture creations that will let her practice for her future career! But as I said, Kim is quite devoted to her studies as she even gave her summer up to micro-biology! ¬†Seriously I cannot even give my summer up to make my bed so I give this girl mad props.

Another interest of Kim’s is her homeland of Vietnam where she was born and lived until she was brought to the U.S.. ¬†I asked if she was traditional and the answer was a very confident yes. ¬†But there was definitely no shame as she proudly elated how she loved Vietnamese food. ¬†Perhaps she will be back in Vietnam with the Red Cross (where she hopes to volunteer and travel with). ¬†Lastly I asked Kim to describe herself to which she said she was straight forward and sometimes too serious but I am going to have to disagree. ¬†She had much to lovely of a personality and smile to be too serious! To learn more about Kim’s journey and love of life visit ¬†http://tanghkim.wordpress.com/ and enjoy!


I like taking Ussie’s (Selfie with 2 or more people) with the people I meet now.

Week 11 – Artistic Conversation – Romina Del Castillo

Week 11 has brought a change in titles of artistic blogs! ¬†I decided to say artistic conversation because there are galleries where the artist is not yet present to take questions, there are some that simply will not have artists because of the nature of the exhibit and even if it is a conversation with myself or with you, the reader than it is a conversation yes? ¬†Maybe I am just making a plea for you to consider this a strong blog despite the fact I was not able to talk to the artist herself at any rate I hope you will enjoy my conversation ūüôā ¬†This week, the art I used for my conversation was that of Romina Del Castillo which shows off some mad charcoal skills!


The Golden Shower

Before I go any further I would just like to say I barely figured out how to wrap text around a picture so I apologize for not having done this sooner! ¬†To continue, this piece is titled ¬†“The Golden Shower” and I am a big fan. ¬†I love anything that is religious but is not. ¬†By this I mean you see a nun and a crown of thorns which are both religious things but this was not created to be christian or catholic or anything which is pretty cool. ¬†I can see that the light is the “golden shower” of the piece but other than that this actually takes effort to figure out, I would very much love someone well versed in art history to explain it all but I am going to go ahead and take a stab at it! ¬†Well I think the thorns can show suffering as Jesus suffered during his crucifixion. ¬†A baby can mean something new, like an idea that has just been born. ¬†As for the nun, perhaps she is just any religious figure whom society has decided is worthy of wearing a crown of thorns. ¬†There has been plenty of negativity towards religious figures and clergy men over the years which has bolstered lots of distrust towards them and their churches. ¬†So perhaps the baby is the new generation and this generation has decided to make these figures pay for all the wrong that has been done. ¬†That is one thought however, the colors of the image do not seem to match my description. ¬†They are not very dark or intense so they do not convey negativity. ¬†I do not understand the choice in colors and I would like to. ¬†Still this piece is magnificent ¬†though.

Coffee and TV


This piece is actually a little over my head.  I understand how the colorful page is the TV because it looks like a screen you would see during a break in communications on a TV.  I also get how the woman could be the coffee drinker.  I do not understand though why the two images are separate.  I feel there is not connection between the left and the right and that it is simply coffee and simply TV.  I would really like to know why Romina decided to present this as so.  I do like the contrast between left and right though.  You go from dark and dreary to bright and colorful.  It is ironic though that is brightness is actually symbolic of bad news from a TV because it is the image seen as bad news occurs.  I would just really like to see more of a connection though.  However the woman on the left is looking towards the TV and maybe that is simply it.  She could use some color in her life and she can only find that outside her window, as the outside of her window has color, or through the TV.  That theme I just realized is important to the creation as well.  You have a woman facing a choice we nearly all face, that is whether to go outside and enjoy the natural world or glue or faces to a TV.  This woman is looking to TV so maybe that is what has caused her dreariness.  BOOM MIND BLOWN! To be mind blown yourself, click the tag delcastillo to see more art and learn more about the creator herself!

Week 11 – Activity – Do Your Own!

Week 11 allowed for a lot of freedom for our weekly activity as we could do anything we wanted. ¬†Having so many options though was stressful. ¬†There were lots of things I wanted to do but realized I just would not have the opportunity to. ¬†So I used what I have in the time that I had and I like the results! ¬†This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the “Odd Future” carnival (thanks to my better half) , which is a collection of rap artists putting on a show and carnival and having a grand time ( find out more here :¬†http://www.campfloggnaw.com/ ! ). Anywho I decided to take a stab at photography because I have always loved taking pictures and editing them ( with what little photo knowledge I know). ¬†I took quite a few pictures but as indicated in previous posts, my phone camera quality is not very good so I chose the best ones and edited them with an app titled Photo Grid and here they are! PS this app is available on android and ios platforms ūüôā


This picture was actually un-edited! I took this while we were waiting in a massive line to get into the venue.  My goal was to capture the sun and the mass in a way.  I felt the sun part came out great however I do not feel the mass amount of people can be felt in this picture.  Still I love how the sun peeks out so great in this picture! I figured I would edit it so that the sun came out sharp and everything else soft but it just did that on its own so I am pretty happy about that!  I feel like the top part of the picture with the sun feels completely separate from the bottom half of the picture.  I would love to know how I could make this picture feel more connected! Either way I am happy with the result, now on to picture two!


This is a picture of the sign by the entrance to the skateboard featured as an attraction at the carnival. ¬†It has the word golf because it is a common phrase tossed around by Tyler the Creator, a member of the rap collaborative group Odd Future, as well as other OF members. ¬†I’d love to get into why ‘golf’ and talk about the group more but that is a blog for another day! At any rate, I wanted this picture to feel vintage so I messed with the contrast and brightness to help the colors of the picture stand out but for it all to feel very vague. ¬†I also added a filter after tampering with contrast and brightness. ¬†I like how the focus of the picture (to me) is the guy up front. ¬†Totally was not my intention but hey it works! I also like the fade from dark to light, I feel it helps with the vintage look ūüôā ¬†I do not think this piece grabs you by the arm to pull you in but I do think it is pleasant to look at and what more can an amateur photographer ask for? And last but not least, we have my favorite picture:

PhotoGrid_1415600986395 The Orbiter

I would like to start out by pointing out that this ride was beyond scary. ¬†I would also like to note that the weird image towards the center top that is multicolored and looks like water is just my camera. ¬†I do not know how or why it does that it just does if the camera is pointed in the right angle with the sun, I do know this began though when I shattered the glass surrounding my camera lens…someone please explain this to me! Back to the picture though, I love the colors I really do. ¬†I may or may not have gone crazy with the contrast. ¬†I also made it a bit sharper, which is in part due to the intense colors. ¬†I love how this picture stands out so much. ¬†It reminds me of a younger time, maybe the era the movie “Grease” take place in. ¬†In the original picture, the lettering looks like a dull grayish white. ¬†Here though, the lettering is a bold shadow and I felt the change made the letters stand out more. ¬†Over all though, I love the blues in the sky and on the attraction, I feel it just grabs your attention so well! ¬†I really like how this picture came out and how I could make it even better! Perhaps this won’t be the last photography you will see of me!!

Week 10 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

I would like to say that this week featured an activity to die for (ha. ha.!) but unfortunately work as always occupied my free time so I was not able to go all out as my mind was racing with ideas when the project was first presented to me.  However a thought occurred to me; working every day I am not in school was absolutely killing me.  So there I had it, my landscape with a corpse!


Worked to Death

First I will explain my story a bit. ¬†Working 8 hours a day every day while being a full time student had begun to take its toll on me. ¬†The bags under my eyes showed through my makeup. ¬†The days of the week were merely a blur of what position I was occupying, ride operator or student. I could hardly carry my body to do either. ¬†At last I came home, my safe haven. ¬†But it was too late. With one hand on the floor I fell to a deep sleep never to wake up from. ¬†At long last I was in a state of relaxation I had yearned for so long. ¬†Knott’s Berry Farm successfully worked me to death.

Voila! ¬†Initially I had wanted to do a lot with makeup and go for a darker turn of perhaps a beaten up body, or maybe a suicidal one, but this piece had more truth. ¬†I actually loved the idea behind this activity and loved what it looked like on a professional scale, I definitely want to see the “Landscapes with a Corpse” documentary when it comes out! I believe so many parts of these pictures are artistic from the position the picture is taken, to the lighting, and of course the landscape. ¬†I would love to play around with this theme¬†so much more with different landscapes, make up, clothes, ideas, everything!

As for this piece in particular, let me break it down (insert record scratching here). ¬†I chose to be at the door to my house for two reasons. ¬†Firstly it was practical as it would be so easy for my family to help me out with the picture taking ( shout out to my mom for taking the awesome picture!). ¬†Secondly, it helped my story reach the point of climax where I die just as I find reprieve. Oh how I love ironic tragedies! As for the lighting, it was pure luck. ¬†I really love where the light hits, I do feel like my body was the spot light but that was merely our porch light. Furthermore I was lucky it even stayed on! ¬†Lastly, my clothes were an essential. ¬†How else would the audience know I just came home from work! ¬†It did help though that I did in face just come home from work ūüôā I do wish I had perhaps made my name tag and/or the Knott’s logo more noticeable but then again this piece is about being worked to death and I wish to convey nothing wrong against that business that so graciously gives me hours upon hours to work. ¬†So in closing I hope you enjoyed the end result because I certainly did!

Week 10 – Conversation with an Artist (Sorta) – #Sculptured

This week I chose to showcase a gallery that did not have an excited up and coming artist waiting outside to interview.  For this reason I will simply blog about the pieces I took pictures of however I would like to say that if I could I would like to have met the artists because I absolutely love sculpture work and I think the artists that took part in the gallery (titled #Sculptured) did an amazing job! So without further ado, here are a few pieces from #Sculptured:


I Really Wanted these Centered but WordPress was not Being my Friend

So let’s start with the one on the left! ¬†I especially loved this piece because it seemed like an illusion. ¬†The sculpture looks as though it were fluid running over shapes such as what appears to be the letter: D. ¬†I am quite fond of anything that tricks the eye which is why this piece caught my attention. ¬†The creation reminds me of a thick fresh can of paint being poured over shapes to create this artistic mess. ¬†I really admire the details on this because seriously I can only imagine how long it took to get the piece so smooth it resembles fluid. ¬†I fought the urge to touch it so hard!! ¬†I would love to see the effort put into this piece because I am sure it was a plenty! ¬†I feel the choice of using the color white was intentional as white can convey so many things. ¬†In this piece I feel white is maybe representative of purity as this mess becomes this clean and pure piece of art. Why the D though I may never understand. ¬†I do know that this piece is D-lightful though!

Now for piece number two. ¬†I know what you’re thinking: how expensive was this to make?! Well when you find the answer let me know because I too am curious! But talk about effort and attention to detail! Looking at this piece in person, every penny was so meticulously placed in the exact right spot and the end result looked quite frankly really cool. ¬†I admire that there is a specific order to the placement of coins such that you can see the piece as having layers, not just stacks of coins. ¬†I really am curious as to how this was put together and how heavy this is. ¬†This sculpture gallery was so hard to keep my hands off of (but I managed). ¬†I will admit though that I do not see a deep or profound meaning in this piece. ¬†I have no doubt that there is one however I did not see more than a beautifully crafted block of shiny pennies. ¬†But perhaps there is a reason to using pennies so shiny or layering them so, this reason is what makes them art. ¬†Knowing the ‘why’ behind this piece or not, ¬†I do appreciate all of the work put into it and I think the results came out really amazing. ¬†I would put this in my living room if I am fortunate enough to live in a fancy house some day! ¬†To conclude my blurb of the week I will say that #Sculptured was a pleasure to walk through and these artists deserve some serious kudos. To learn more about the art or artists click on the tags and have fun exploring!

Week 10 – Conversation with a Classmate – Stephen Lozano

I have noticed many of my fellow classmates in my art 110 class are freshman, I never thought I would feel so old! As I’m sure you can guess, this week I interviewed a very sociable freshman by the name of Stephen Lozano and I came to realize we had a common love of the movie “Tron Legacy” so I can consider him a cool freshman.

20141028_121915 Stephan Lozano: Cool Freshman

Stephen and I did not grow up too far apart as he comes from Whittier, Ca. and I from Norwalk, Ca. so maybe LA county residents just share similar interests in cinema. Stephen is actually a quite ambitious first year student pursuing business management with a minor in art. ¬†He managed to snag a student interview pretty quick so I am sure he is going to go far in his field. ¬†Our interests in cinema differed when he said how much he loved the movie “Cars” and that it was the best Pixar movie. I’m sorry Stephen but no, “The Incredibles” takes the cake hands down.

Back to similarities though we do have similar interests in music! I actually saw him listening to a rap group I am fond of, that being the group Odd Future and I made him jealous when I told him I was going to see them. ¬†In general, Stephen likes alternative rock, classic rock, and rap which is pretty nifty. ¬†His favorite bands though are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk which he noted were totally out of the genres mentioned but hey they are awesome bands! ¬†Unlike me though, Stephen likes to be productive. ¬†He gets very interested in projects he sees or learns about online and he makes them happen! Among them he built a “Tron” – themed skateboard which looks so cool that it makes me sad I do not have a picture.

As for his future plans in life, Stephen has a vision.  In his own words, Stephen would like to own a clothing line and become a millionaire some day.  Now at first this dream may seem absurd and simply too generic however Stephan is very determined and with his drive I have no doubt he will accomplish his dream.  He definitely strong artistic/creative side to own a clothing line and his business management skills will get him to that million dollar mark.  I can confidently say Stephen is a driven freshman that will blow us all out of the water some day! To learn more about him, visit http://stevenwlozano.com/page/3/ and enjoy!


I Thought We Were Doing Funny Faces… #Lulz