Week 14 – Interview with a Classmate – April Gliane

This week marks the last of 14 where I interviewed a new student every week.  It has been quite rewarding I have met some truly amazing and ambitious people.  This interviewee was no different!  This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. April Gliane, a 2nd year student whom also shared in the plight that is being an undeclared major, such as myself, until recently.

April’s ambitions lie in nursing which she hopes to declare soon.  This interest came from the professions of her parents as they too were nurses.  However, they have only been motivation to her, they never chose her path for her which is something to be admired in parenting now a says.  We also share the common past time of working when not in class.  April works at a Zumiez where she actually enjoys work and has a very great manager.  She says her parents were not thrilled at her working while in school but she assured me, and them I am sure, that the job is easy and she has been balancing everything just fine.  There she is a sales associate and the atmosphere can be described by her as “really chill”!

Other than working we had a few more common interests (though I can hardly say working is an interest).  She likes going to the beach and she also enjoys hanging out with her boy friend on the off chance she has free time from school and work.  However, April is very family oriented.  She enjoys spending time with her three sisters as well as her supporting family.  I asked April what she was looking forward to the most in her life and she said Christmas, another interest we share!  April was very kind and we enjoyed one another’s interview most likely because we may be in fact be the same person *lol*.  At any rate the pleasure was all mine of interviewing April and I have no doubt she will be successful in life and have many more great experiences being the kind woman she is! To learn more about April visit her website at http://withloveapril.wordpress.com/page/2/ !

20141204_110017 April and I 


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