Week 13 – Conversation with a Classmate – Sara Kodesh

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the very “fashion forward” Sara Kodesh ! It came as no surprise to learn she is a fashion merchandising major. Luckily, in addition to being fashionable, she was friendly and outgoing which made the interview super easy.  As a 3rd year college student, Sara eagerly awaits graduating and beginning a career in her field. She did get a slight taste of this working retail at a Nordstrum but we both agreed, as retail working refugees, that working entry level retail is quite horrible. Currently though, Sara works at a bakery and designs wedding cakes which I can’t help but think must be an amazing jobs. How she stays so perfectly in shape I do not know.

When Sara is not being a designer of all trades, she loves to spend time with her younger brother. A favorite activity of theirs is hitting up antique markets and going crazy. Among the cool Sara has been are Spain and Italy where she was able to tag along as a chaperone for a school trip her mom was a part of. As for what is next in the ambitious young Sara’s life, she is mostly looking forward to graduating. We share the same feeling of liking school but definitely ready to move on.

As for for the simple pleasures in life, Sara likes to go to the beach and (seperately) watch Netflix. Perhaps we have more in common than we realized! It was an overall pleasure to get to know Sara and if you would like to learn more visit http://sarakodesh.wordpress.com!



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