Week 12 – Conversation with a Classmate – Evan Huang

Week number 12 introduced to me to the very tall, among other great qualities, Evan Huang!  I have become like a predatory eagle in scouting interviewees for Art 110 and so I immediately snagged Evan once I hit the courtyard of Art 110 students!  Without further adieu, Evan Huang ladies and gentleman!

20141113_110657 Evan Huang, Second Year Criminal Justice Major at CSULB

While talking to Evan I realized just how much of a focused individual he is.  He actually skipped straight to taking a 300 level class this semester so to say he’s career minded and intelligent is quite an understatement.  Overall though, Even does like his school career so far and looks forward to what lies ahead on his path in Criminal Justice.  He told me that he took Art 110 as a GE requirement more than anything however what I did not know until I checked out his site (evanshuang.com) that he is quite the artist himself!  He takes some pretty rad pictures definitely worth a scroll 🙂  He did describe having a love of photography though whether it be landscapes or people, I just had no idea how great his skills were and how much he follows it and I definitely encourage him to keep at it.

Among his hobbies is playing tennis where he actually makes money as a private coach.  Needless to say, Evan is pretty much great at everything.  He also likes to hike which I am finding is a common interest and I think we should all just go on an Art 110 hiking trip #justsayin .  Food-wise, Evan’s heart lies with Pizza and sushi… probably not at the same time but hey I am not here to judge.  He also loves his large family that he has gone to visit in Taiwan and while telling me this I would like to mention his face lit up so his love for Taiwan is pretty legit.

In general, Evan is looking forward to getting good grades and making it to law school some day.  Might I just say taking, and surviving, a 300 level class already is a pretty good start.  His goals lie in his career but he carries with him his artistic passion and love for his family which make one well-balanced Mr.Huang.  Evan has reached great success thus far and I hope he continues to soar because with his talent and determination, nothing can stop him.  To learn more about his career or see his amazing photography you may once again visit evanshuang.com and seriously give him a call for some great picture taking!


Evan is Even Adept at Selfie-Taking


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