Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

This week I had the task of teaching someone one of the concepts we went over this semester in Art 110, or other things but that is what I chose.  I was a bit worried about where to find a student but luckily my trusty brother, Daniel, was home to help me out! I actually left it up to him which activity/concept he wanted to be taught but I had an inkling of what he would choose.  See, my brother is an actor so perhaps you can guess what he chose. Did you guess? He chose our counter factual identity project!  I told my brother about the project and how I did not do so great with it but he was actually excited for it.  I must say though I suppose I cheated because he already likes to act like different identities! Well recently, his lovely girlfriend gave him a classy gangster looking hat which he just went gaga over and has been looking for how to pair it for a night out.  He saw this as his chance.

First we have mild-mannered Daniel in his everyday appearance:


By  nightfall and some 1930’s Jazz later, we have classy gangster Daniel:

2014-11-16 21.01.002014-11-16 21.01.59I did not accompany Daniel on his adventure to the Anaheim Packing House because to put it simply it was a date and I prefer to not “third wheel” it however he did give me to pictures to use and told me of his experience.   My brother described his look as a dapper 1930’s gentleman and he, as well as his girlfriend, loved it.  He was a big fan of all the heads he turned and even an array of compliments he got as the night went on.  At first he felt a little weird looking so fancy in a casual environment but then he let his freak flag fly and brought class to the Anaheim Packing House.  Though I must mention this location was a plan b as his unmentioned plan a simply felt too casual.  Here he had a great time however, his clothes brought up a new persona and even a sense of swagger to himself.  He described his suit and hat as having changed his topography.  Those around him noticed all of this and applauded his efforts.  He quite enjoyed his night as his dapper alter ego and liked the project as a whole. For him, acting out another identity means a night of fun and I am happy he had a better experience than I did.

As for the teaching aspect I suppose it went over okay.  He got more out of it than I expected and was descriptive in how he felt that night and about the project so I think he go the jist of the project.  I would like to have learned a more specific technique and then attempted to teach it because you really have to applaud those teachers for having nothing but patience!  At any rate the project was a success in that my student got what I was going for and bonus points for him having a great time!


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