Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My how time has flown by as it has become the time of the semester where we, the students, give feedback! I personally am quite happy to do this because as a chatty Kathy, I have lots to say. ūüôā So first off, my 3 favorite activities of the semester *drum roll please*…. plaster casting, painting, and our landscape project! I know I did not get to writing about our plaster casting activity but I really wish I had because I loved it. ¬†I had a great time at the beach making the project and I am happy with the result (which was a chubby, sandy, mutant baby hand). ¬†I felt it was an interesting take on sculpture work and it did actually teach me a thing or two about plaster! Seriously though how many projects allow for a great beach day? ¬†As for painting, I love spray paint and graffiti art. ¬†I find it so amazing what street artists can do even if they are merely working with a name. ¬†I do not think my letters were of a street artist caliber but they came out way better than I expected and I am proud of myself! ¬†Lastly, I loved the landscape project because I love photography and story telling and that was both. ¬†I really wish I had more at my disposal to make a truly gruesome Hollywood death but I had a lot of fun with the project.

As for my 3 least favorite projects, they would have to be our counter factual identity project, our “teach one” project, and our e-portfolio project. ¬†I was not a fan of the counter factual simply because I felt so uncomfortable in my other identity. ¬†I suppose within my own circle of friends I can be loud and out there but around strangers I am not nearly so brave so putting myself out there made me feel really vulnerable and unpleasant. ¬†To be honest I really did not get much out of the project other than that. ¬†Not to say it is not useful nor elicit of deep thinking it just was not for me. ¬†As for the “teach one” I just ran into the issue I have every week which is not having time between school and work. ¬†However with the other solitary projects, it was much easier to get them done on my own time in between or with the help of my boyfriend after school but finding time in my busy schedule as well as my “student’s”, AKA my brother’s, was difficult and I really had to rush it. ¬†As for designing an e-portfolio I was simply frustrated more than anything. ¬†Word press is not terribly difficult to navigate but it is a bit overwhelming with the array of choices and trying to get it personalized on every level. ¬†I think the idea and the website is great it just was not something I had enough time to really work on to my liking.

Over all I did enjoy this class as well as the people I have met a long the way. ¬†I have found most people are nice at my school if you simply get to know them and everyone has a fascinating story. ¬†Most of the activities were a lot of fun and I had a great time doing them as well as working with my loved ones to get a great finished product. ¬†Also found out via this class that I am a fan on blogging ! ¬†However it is a bit of a double-edged sword. ¬†This class did open me up to blogging however I found writing 3 posts a week was too time-consuming simply because I do work long hours when I am not at school long hours so I had just had little time to devote to this homework or any other for that matter. ¬†Granted I am aware it is my choice to work but in a way I really do need to work. ¬†I feel maybe less writing per week would be optimum perhaps doing Vlogs instead or perhaps a hybrid of both? ¬†Honestly having enough time to do my blogs was the only main struggle I faced this semester and it makes me sad that I did not complete them all for this reason. ¬†At any rate I did find this class very valuable and I have had such a great time as a student so a big thank you to Glenn and Art 110 ūüôā


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