Week 11 – Conversation with a Classmate – Kim Tang

I would like to start by saying honestly, meeting strangers weekly has been such a positive experience for me.  Everybody I have met has been so kind and really I must say I never thought a class so large would have so many nice people.  I did not even know that many nice people existed!  This week’s very nice person was Kim Tang and she was a\n absoulte pleasure to talk to!

20141030_105920 Kim Tang, 2nd year Pre-Nursing major at CSULB

I  already lost how I could wrap text so again, my apologies.  Kim here was as sweet as can be though I should begin with!  She is a busy bee completing work-study while going into her pre-nursing major but she still remains this calm and kind woman, you go girl!  I noticed Kim was quite inquisitive and eager in her interview so I can only imagine she is a social butterfly, who would not want to be friends with someone actually excited to learn about you ?!

However, Kim did mention how she can be found at our school’s library practically 24/7!  I asked her what she like to do on her free time and other than studying, she explained how she quite enjoyed playing with polymer clay which is pretty cool.  Maybe she can make sculpture creations that will let her practice for her future career! But as I said, Kim is quite devoted to her studies as she even gave her summer up to micro-biology!  Seriously I cannot even give my summer up to make my bed so I give this girl mad props.

Another interest of Kim’s is her homeland of Vietnam where she was born and lived until she was brought to the U.S..  I asked if she was traditional and the answer was a very confident yes.  But there was definitely no shame as she proudly elated how she loved Vietnamese food.  Perhaps she will be back in Vietnam with the Red Cross (where she hopes to volunteer and travel with).  Lastly I asked Kim to describe herself to which she said she was straight forward and sometimes too serious but I am going to have to disagree.  She had much to lovely of a personality and smile to be too serious! To learn more about Kim’s journey and love of life visit  http://tanghkim.wordpress.com/ and enjoy!


I like taking Ussie’s (Selfie with 2 or more people) with the people I meet now.


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