Week 11 – Artistic Conversation – Romina Del Castillo

Week 11 has brought a change in titles of artistic blogs!  I decided to say artistic conversation because there are galleries where the artist is not yet present to take questions, there are some that simply will not have artists because of the nature of the exhibit and even if it is a conversation with myself or with you, the reader than it is a conversation yes?  Maybe I am just making a plea for you to consider this a strong blog despite the fact I was not able to talk to the artist herself at any rate I hope you will enjoy my conversation 🙂  This week, the art I used for my conversation was that of Romina Del Castillo which shows off some mad charcoal skills!


The Golden Shower

Before I go any further I would just like to say I barely figured out how to wrap text around a picture so I apologize for not having done this sooner!  To continue, this piece is titled  “The Golden Shower” and I am a big fan.  I love anything that is religious but is not.  By this I mean you see a nun and a crown of thorns which are both religious things but this was not created to be christian or catholic or anything which is pretty cool.  I can see that the light is the “golden shower” of the piece but other than that this actually takes effort to figure out, I would very much love someone well versed in art history to explain it all but I am going to go ahead and take a stab at it!  Well I think the thorns can show suffering as Jesus suffered during his crucifixion.  A baby can mean something new, like an idea that has just been born.  As for the nun, perhaps she is just any religious figure whom society has decided is worthy of wearing a crown of thorns.  There has been plenty of negativity towards religious figures and clergy men over the years which has bolstered lots of distrust towards them and their churches.  So perhaps the baby is the new generation and this generation has decided to make these figures pay for all the wrong that has been done.  That is one thought however, the colors of the image do not seem to match my description.  They are not very dark or intense so they do not convey negativity.  I do not understand the choice in colors and I would like to.  Still this piece is magnificent  though.

Coffee and TV


This piece is actually a little over my head.  I understand how the colorful page is the TV because it looks like a screen you would see during a break in communications on a TV.  I also get how the woman could be the coffee drinker.  I do not understand though why the two images are separate.  I feel there is not connection between the left and the right and that it is simply coffee and simply TV.  I would really like to know why Romina decided to present this as so.  I do like the contrast between left and right though.  You go from dark and dreary to bright and colorful.  It is ironic though that is brightness is actually symbolic of bad news from a TV because it is the image seen as bad news occurs.  I would just really like to see more of a connection though.  However the woman on the left is looking towards the TV and maybe that is simply it.  She could use some color in her life and she can only find that outside her window, as the outside of her window has color, or through the TV.  That theme I just realized is important to the creation as well.  You have a woman facing a choice we nearly all face, that is whether to go outside and enjoy the natural world or glue or faces to a TV.  This woman is looking to TV so maybe that is what has caused her dreariness.  BOOM MIND BLOWN! To be mind blown yourself, click the tag delcastillo to see more art and learn more about the creator herself!


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