Week 11 – Activity – Do Your Own!

Week 11 allowed for a lot of freedom for our weekly activity as we could do anything we wanted.  Having so many options though was stressful.  There were lots of things I wanted to do but realized I just would not have the opportunity to.  So I used what I have in the time that I had and I like the results!  This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the “Odd Future” carnival (thanks to my better half) , which is a collection of rap artists putting on a show and carnival and having a grand time ( find out more here : http://www.campfloggnaw.com/ ! ). Anywho I decided to take a stab at photography because I have always loved taking pictures and editing them ( with what little photo knowledge I know).  I took quite a few pictures but as indicated in previous posts, my phone camera quality is not very good so I chose the best ones and edited them with an app titled Photo Grid and here they are! PS this app is available on android and ios platforms 🙂


This picture was actually un-edited! I took this while we were waiting in a massive line to get into the venue.  My goal was to capture the sun and the mass in a way.  I felt the sun part came out great however I do not feel the mass amount of people can be felt in this picture.  Still I love how the sun peeks out so great in this picture! I figured I would edit it so that the sun came out sharp and everything else soft but it just did that on its own so I am pretty happy about that!  I feel like the top part of the picture with the sun feels completely separate from the bottom half of the picture.  I would love to know how I could make this picture feel more connected! Either way I am happy with the result, now on to picture two!


This is a picture of the sign by the entrance to the skateboard featured as an attraction at the carnival.  It has the word golf because it is a common phrase tossed around by Tyler the Creator, a member of the rap collaborative group Odd Future, as well as other OF members.  I’d love to get into why ‘golf’ and talk about the group more but that is a blog for another day! At any rate, I wanted this picture to feel vintage so I messed with the contrast and brightness to help the colors of the picture stand out but for it all to feel very vague.  I also added a filter after tampering with contrast and brightness.  I like how the focus of the picture (to me) is the guy up front.  Totally was not my intention but hey it works! I also like the fade from dark to light, I feel it helps with the vintage look 🙂  I do not think this piece grabs you by the arm to pull you in but I do think it is pleasant to look at and what more can an amateur photographer ask for? And last but not least, we have my favorite picture:

PhotoGrid_1415600986395 The Orbiter

I would like to start out by pointing out that this ride was beyond scary.  I would also like to note that the weird image towards the center top that is multicolored and looks like water is just my camera.  I do not know how or why it does that it just does if the camera is pointed in the right angle with the sun, I do know this began though when I shattered the glass surrounding my camera lens…someone please explain this to me! Back to the picture though, I love the colors I really do.  I may or may not have gone crazy with the contrast.  I also made it a bit sharper, which is in part due to the intense colors.  I love how this picture stands out so much.  It reminds me of a younger time, maybe the era the movie “Grease” take place in.  In the original picture, the lettering looks like a dull grayish white.  Here though, the lettering is a bold shadow and I felt the change made the letters stand out more.  Over all though, I love the blues in the sky and on the attraction, I feel it just grabs your attention so well!  I really like how this picture came out and how I could make it even better! Perhaps this won’t be the last photography you will see of me!!


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