Week 10 – Conversation with a Classmate – Stephen Lozano

I have noticed many of my fellow classmates in my art 110 class are freshman, I never thought I would feel so old! As I’m sure you can guess, this week I interviewed a very sociable freshman by the name of Stephen Lozano and I came to realize we had a common love of the movie “Tron Legacy” so I can consider him a cool freshman.

20141028_121915 Stephan Lozano: Cool Freshman

Stephen and I did not grow up too far apart as he comes from Whittier, Ca. and I from Norwalk, Ca. so maybe LA county residents just share similar interests in cinema. Stephen is actually a quite ambitious first year student pursuing business management with a minor in art.  He managed to snag a student interview pretty quick so I am sure he is going to go far in his field.  Our interests in cinema differed when he said how much he loved the movie “Cars” and that it was the best Pixar movie. I’m sorry Stephen but no, “The Incredibles” takes the cake hands down.

Back to similarities though we do have similar interests in music! I actually saw him listening to a rap group I am fond of, that being the group Odd Future and I made him jealous when I told him I was going to see them.  In general, Stephen likes alternative rock, classic rock, and rap which is pretty nifty.  His favorite bands though are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk which he noted were totally out of the genres mentioned but hey they are awesome bands!  Unlike me though, Stephen likes to be productive.  He gets very interested in projects he sees or learns about online and he makes them happen! Among them he built a “Tron” – themed skateboard which looks so cool that it makes me sad I do not have a picture.

As for his future plans in life, Stephen has a vision.  In his own words, Stephen would like to own a clothing line and become a millionaire some day.  Now at first this dream may seem absurd and simply too generic however Stephan is very determined and with his drive I have no doubt he will accomplish his dream.  He definitely strong artistic/creative side to own a clothing line and his business management skills will get him to that million dollar mark.  I can confidently say Stephen is a driven freshman that will blow us all out of the water some day! To learn more about him, visit http://stevenwlozano.com/page/3/ and enjoy!


I Thought We Were Doing Funny Faces… #Lulz


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