Week 10 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

I would like to say that this week featured an activity to die for (ha. ha.!) but unfortunately work as always occupied my free time so I was not able to go all out as my mind was racing with ideas when the project was first presented to me.  However a thought occurred to me; working every day I am not in school was absolutely killing me.  So there I had it, my landscape with a corpse!


Worked to Death

First I will explain my story a bit.  Working 8 hours a day every day while being a full time student had begun to take its toll on me.  The bags under my eyes showed through my makeup.  The days of the week were merely a blur of what position I was occupying, ride operator or student. I could hardly carry my body to do either.  At last I came home, my safe haven.  But it was too late. With one hand on the floor I fell to a deep sleep never to wake up from.  At long last I was in a state of relaxation I had yearned for so long.  Knott’s Berry Farm successfully worked me to death.

Voila!  Initially I had wanted to do a lot with makeup and go for a darker turn of perhaps a beaten up body, or maybe a suicidal one, but this piece had more truth.  I actually loved the idea behind this activity and loved what it looked like on a professional scale, I definitely want to see the “Landscapes with a Corpse” documentary when it comes out! I believe so many parts of these pictures are artistic from the position the picture is taken, to the lighting, and of course the landscape.  I would love to play around with this theme so much more with different landscapes, make up, clothes, ideas, everything!

As for this piece in particular, let me break it down (insert record scratching here).  I chose to be at the door to my house for two reasons.  Firstly it was practical as it would be so easy for my family to help me out with the picture taking ( shout out to my mom for taking the awesome picture!).  Secondly, it helped my story reach the point of climax where I die just as I find reprieve. Oh how I love ironic tragedies! As for the lighting, it was pure luck.  I really love where the light hits, I do feel like my body was the spot light but that was merely our porch light. Furthermore I was lucky it even stayed on!  Lastly, my clothes were an essential.  How else would the audience know I just came home from work!  It did help though that I did in face just come home from work 🙂 I do wish I had perhaps made my name tag and/or the Knott’s logo more noticeable but then again this piece is about being worked to death and I wish to convey nothing wrong against that business that so graciously gives me hours upon hours to work.  So in closing I hope you enjoyed the end result because I certainly did!


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