Week 9 – Conversation with a Classmate – Anna Joy Floresca

Week number 9 in Art 110 has given me the absolute pleasure of meeting Ms. Anna Joy Floresca!  I wanted to start off with how nice she was and then I realized, every one I have met so far has been overwhelmingly nice so I must say though I may dread it at first, I do like meeting all of these new wonderful people 🙂 But yes, Anna is so nice!


Anna Joy Floresca, Friendly Pre-Nursing Major at CSULB

Right off the bat, Anna was very easy to talk to and began telling me about herself where we found we both did choir in high school however while I loved performing, she hated it so maybe choir was not exactly her thing.  However Korean dramas definitely are!  She was quite happy to tell me her love for Korean dramas was strong and we did not have a common interest in television but definitely a common interest in obsessing over a show.  She is also a big fan of Sims 3 and reading which fall in totally different categories but I suppose that is what puts the Joy in Anna Floresca (Ba dun tss!).

Currently, Anna is a freshman stressing out about getting into her major but upon meeting her I realized how sweet and smart she is so she should really have no problem.  As a side project, Anna is the founder of SFSH Zine which is the cutest mini magazine this side of the Mississippi!  Anna’s Zine has wonderful positive messages and cute illustrations and now I am the fortunate owner of one of the 2nd editions of SFSH Zine.  I highly recommend you browse : http://sfshzine.wordpress.com/ to learn more of this cute concoction and once it takes off, I highly recommend you get your hands on one! It is the perfect reason to smile for the day 🙂

Back to Anna, Ms. Floresca has 3 brothers and has a slight interest in a future with kids but for now she hopes to dive straight into her major and straight into her career.  Anna is one driven little lady!  I asked Anna how she sees herself and she thinks she is awkward but others think she is bubbly and I must agree with the latter and disagree with the former!  She has liked her first year experience so far, although daunted by her first midterms as we all were, but she keeps a smile on her face.  Overall it was an absolute pleasure to meet Anna and you should meet her to by visiting her website at http://ajfloresca.wordpress.com/ You will find posts to make you smile there 🙂


It was a Pleasure Meeting the Awesome Anna Joy Floresca!


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