Week 9 – Activity – Vlog!

Week number 9 for my art 110 class has caused me to dwell outside of my comfort zone and the safety of a computer screen and keyboard.  This week we had to blog in the form of a video a short “about me” for our website and for our homework.  This is the result of my dwell outside of the computer world:

This was not the most difficult activity to do but it was not exactly easy.  I have not made many videos in my life so far and I have only made one other that was simply me talking and it was for a friend so no real pressure of pleasing anyone else or getting homework points.  However, as I am writing I have come to the realization that perhaps that is what vlogging should be.  The reality is you can make a video nowadays about anything you could possibly want to.  The other reality is that no one is forced to watch your video.  Granted, some will go out of the way to criticize you in a mean way as is the way of the internet but for the most part if someone does not like your content, they simply will not watch your videos nor will they give you their ‘like’.

But what does that matter really?  Unless you are blogging/vlogging for your job, a blog/vlog is whatever you want it to be.  You can write or shoot about your life, or you can go on to be another youtube comedian.  Whatever it is, vlogging and blogging gives you the opportunity to express yourself to a vast community and having a form of expression is honestly so important to a healthy life.

As for me, I actually feel my vlog was not to bad.  Albeit it was quite short and did not have too much content, but I did talk about myself, as per our assignment, and I addressed an audience, as I think vlogs should.  I did not mind making this video simply because I am quite the talker so it was not too hard to think about the right words.  The one thing I did find difficult was watching myself after because I now see how weird faces go viral.  Some of my faces paused are just the worst! Not to mention I am a bit self-conscious about my lazy eye which I felt was super obvious.  I feel vlogging makes me feel more vulnerable than blogging simply because you can see me.  However, that also makes me more connected to my audience and my message more personal.  So maybe vlogging is a little scary but it is an endeavor I am willing to try now because of this activity so once again, thanks Art 110!


One thought on “Week 9 – Activity – Vlog!

  1. Great work Angelica! Yesss! Putting yourself in front of the camera can be out of our comfort zone for a lot of us! But I do think it’s valuable to be able to do. And for sure if you keep at it, you’ll go from a bit of stress to comfortable to pretty good at it. Sorry for the stress, but thank you for pushing yourself to give it a try.


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