Week 8 – Interview with a Classmate – Shannon Choi

This week I met classmate number 8 of my semester in art 110! This time I wasted no time in looking around hoping someone was also looking around, I decided to just go for it with the first person I saw and I was very lucky to meet the lovely Shannon Choi!

20141016_110414Shannon Choi, CSULB Communications Major Freshman

Shannon greeted me with a smile and we hit it off right away!  I realized quickly that Shannon was very out going and had a positive attitude towards life and those around her which will definitely serve her well in her communications career here at CSULB.  While she is not studying, Shannon loves to meet new people as well as volunteer, can you say well-rounded student?? She also hopes to go to a concert soon with perhaps a new friend from the “Underground Music Society” club she joined at Cal State Long beach.  I of course followed up with her background in music and Shannon did play piano briefly but it just was not where her heart was so she did not pursue it. However she did participate in her high school’s choir, as did I, and we both had a nostalgic moment for a second before laughing at the past days of teenage choir.

While Shannon did take our Art 110 class as a GE, she does have a small interest in art as she did visit museums over the summer and had a great time. Her love of music also led her to a music festival in San Francisco where she spent a few summer nights listening to an awesome assortment of musicians and bands including Haim, the Killers, and of course (praise him) Yeezus.  For now though, Shannon’s focus remains school however she is branching out by putting in hours volunteering for our school’s radio station, K-Beach, where she hopes to perhaps get hired on to be a music spinning lady dj!

As for life after college, Shannon hopes to find a job in the advertising market.  Like me, we are both focused on family and thus we are looking for stability in a job some day.  We also share interests in friends, music, and fashion so one can only guess we would have been friends ,much sooner had we had the opportunity!  I last asked Shannon to describe herself and she came up with three words, those being: indecisive, friendly, and social, and the last two I can definitely vouch for.  Lastly though, she described herself with the perfect phrase.  According to Shannon, she is an introverted extrovert! It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Ms.Choi and I look forward to the great strides she will make in her career here at CSULB and beyond! To learn more about Shannon visit http://shannonchoi.wordpress.com/ 🙂


Two Art 110 Students Hitting it Off


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