Week 8- Activity- ePortfolio Creation

This week I at last made my wordpress my own! As was discussed in my art 110 class, up until now page merely held the function of a homework website therefore I had no real reason to customize it. It was quite, to put it lightly, “blah”.

 image1 (2)

Does the Job in a Blawful Way

I was receiving my points on assignments so I was content with the face of my internet presence as being a white page with pictures and interviews.  However this week our assignment was to in fact personalize it and I am glad I did! As you can see, other colors exist on my page now which is quite nice!

FullSizeRenderDoes the Job and Shows my Personality, a 2fer!

Not to mention I added a quite snazzy ‘about me’!


Hello Friends!

I would say I upgraded my sight in a good way. Initially I had a different background with a very “thug looking” sloth.  However, I have not found a way to control the font color making it quite difficult to read against the picture so I changed it to this image and a lovely green background.  I am sure you are beyond curious to know what these images say about me or what I am hoping to convey in a career sense so I will let you in on a secret, it is not yet meant to convey anything in particular other than perhaps images I like and appreciate!  The fact of the matter is that I do not yet have a major, though I will very soon because the university has very politely let me know that I must but I digress.  For now until I do have my life planned out, my website will be one of my personality and interests.  I like bright colors hence the green and I love photography and nature hence the image in the middle.

The picture in the middle I should mention though is one done by a photographer I truly adore! His name is Peter Lik and I first had the amazing experience of walking through one of his galleries in San Francisco and it was simply awe-inspiring. Like takes amazing photographs of the most beautiful natural wonders and presents them in such a way you can’t help but stop what you are thinking or doing and just stare at his art work.  To view some of his amazing work visit http://www.lik.com/ and thank me later 🙂

Back to the project at hand, I used this image for two reasons.  The first being I simply love it so much and the second being that it does draw attention to its beauty.  My words are on top of the picture so you cannot help but read them.  I have now tricked you into reading my blog thanks to Peter Lik’s mad skills! And really that is all there is to my website for now.  You can get a taste of my interests and personality through its look and content and perhaps it will lead you to look forward to what is coming next.  Once I do declare my major, I will keep a fun look because I want whomever is invested in me to know exactly who I am and what I am about however there will be more professionalism to come and an actual major to write about or post content of. Till then I hope you can enjoy my little art blurbs and perhaps keep coming to see what is next for me! Thank you for your interest so far!  🙂


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