Week 7 – Activity – Painting

This week was a great week to be in Art 110. I had the opportunity to view an amazing work of art as well as create a less than amazing but very fun piece of art myself.  After watching parts of the documentary “Bomb It” in class, I was very excited to have a chance to enter the graffiti art sphere. The results were not the greatest but it was a very fun project.

First I did a quick sketch of my name (shortened because of space limitations) on a piece of paper.20141012_134619

Next I need a venue to paint with.  It was offered as an opportunity fort extra credit to paint at the legal art walls in Venice Beach and I had every intention of going to do so.  I went last year for the same project when my boyfriend took this class and had a great time. Honestly it is a great place to have fun and explore an artsy community and I recommend going.  However, during my late shift at the factory ( my Halloween Haunt night shift at Knott’s Berry farm where I work) I realized I would not be able to accomplish the drive to Venice, paint, do homework, and get some sleep in before my next night shift so sadly I had to paint in the non legal for graffiti art confines of my backyard. I made it work though, I found a cardboard box for my canvas and put on some music so I could pretend I was in the middle of Venice and I got to painting.


                                                                                 My Venice Beach

I struggled so greatly last year when trying to spray paint my name but this year I did not internally cry quite as much.  Unfortunately I was on a time constraint because I will be working this evening so I was not able to really dive into the project as much as I really wanted to.  I think the end result was night and day from my first attempt at working with spray paint last year but I would have loved to work more on it and once my work schedule dies down, I hope to explore more graffiti art. I felt that I had okay control of the paint however there was a lot of drips coming from the cans which is most likely user error.  I decided to buy two cheap cans of spray paint from Walmart, red and blue, and used them with a Rustoleum brand white spray paint.  I really love when graffiti created names have depth because they are two toned and that is what I was going for, though it may be hard to tell.  I do feel though that I nailed the fade from blue to red on my letters which I am quite proud of.  I soon noticed though that transferring my pencil sketch to paint was a bit beyond my reach.  I can be proud of the fact though that you can read my letters! I used the white to outline my letters simply because I did not have black however I feel it was a good choice as it stood out nicely against the blue and red.  I was also happy with the fact that the result did not look patriotic as that was not at all the goal, I just happen to love blue and red.  I did try to add depth with lines on my letters however I came to the realization that this was not an easy task.  I could not make thin exact lines to save my life.  The ‘N’ of ANGIE definitely came out the best.  Overall though I do not think I did too bad, I would definitely love to pursue more graffiti art in my humble backyard, or Venice, because I loved this project so much.  So without further adieu this is the finished product:


Am I right about that ‘N’ ??  Thank you Art 110 for letting me indulge myself! I hope the results, or at least the blog, were enjoyable!


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