Week 7 – Interview With a Classmate – Maeghan McBee

As per the ritual of my Thursday Art 110 class, I glanced around a courtyard of my peers and plucked out a partner! This week I interviewed the lovely Maeghan McBee! She was such a pleasure to talk to I forgot to take a picture ūüė¶ . I snagged one from her website and I chose a picture from when she practiced her counter factual identity project because she is simply rocking in that picture.


                                                                        Meaghan Looking like a Rockstar

As a began my conversation with Meaghan, she immediately noticed we have the same class ring which is pretty cool if you ask me. I can say she definitely has good taste!  We are also both sophomores however Meaghan is well on her way to her major in criminal justice.  She hopes with this degree to pursue a career as a criminal detective or perhaps assisting in the rehabilitation of those who are considered criminal.  To top off her very ambitious career, Meaghan is studying to minor in forensics to help fulfill the science interest in her life.  Other than science and criminal justice, Meaghan is very into studies of the mind and humans such as social science, anthropology, and sociology which, when coinciding with her major, will make her one very successful detective one day if that is the path she decides to travel.  Any conversation with Meaghan would surely reveal she is one smart sophomore!

While Meaghan is just going to school right now, she does have a lot to look forward to.  Her adventures will be taking her to Disneyland and Mexico soon and her heart will be full again when her boyfriend comes down to visit her and possibly live with her in the near future.  Ms. McBee simply does not settle for a dull day as she is always looking forward and finding ways to avoid repetition and monotony.  Eventually she hopes to move up North where she grew up and wishes to start a family there.  We both share the same goal of being successful and stable to one day raise a family and be a super mom.  With her studies and career there is no doubt that Meaghan will accomplish this! To learn more about Meaghan McBee go to  http://maeghanmcbee.wordpress.com/  and explore her adventures so far!


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