Week 6 – Conversation with a Classmate – David Aceves

On the lovely sunny Thursday of October 2nd, I hada he pleasure of meeting the very intelligent and curious David Aceves. I was by my lonesome looking around as has become my past time on Thursdays at 11 am and luckily he was doing the same so our perhaps lack of outgoing nature made us a good pair!


                                                                                     David Aceves, Civil Engineer major, and I

                                             David Aceves, Civil Engineering Senior, and I undeclared and lowly Sophomore 

David Aceves first surprised me by how this was his last semester before graduating from CSULB. This was a shock merely because my first  impression of him was that he was a very young freshman due to his positive and youthful look. At any rate I soon found out David has actually had a successful career at The Beach! He currently works at the Horn Center here on campus as a tutor which I personally think is just so cool. He has also built a cnc printer, which is a form of 3d printers, which is quite an achievement in itself. True to his interests in civil engineering, David likes to build in his free time. Though he has very little of it as a senior very close to graduation. He is also considering getting a master’s degree so to say David is ambitious, is a bit of an understatement. While talking to my fellow student, he described his personality as more of an introvert than an extrovert so I do admire how he was nice and generous in conversation with me. He is mostly the quiet type and prefers keeping to himself which I actually think has contributed to his great achievements so far so kudos to him! He does however like water sports as he was a part of the swim team at his high school and joined the sailing club while he was here at CSULB. David expressed that he was definitely more into sports than art but he has still had a very positive life experience so far. I revealed at some point though that I played the tenor sax for many years and to my surprise he also played the sax when he was younger for a very brief time. I found David’s life so far to be quite interesting and full of many experiences to tell and was delighted when I could relate to one of those experiences. He also recomended the sailing class here at school so perhaps we shall have more shared experiences soon. Though David will be moving in to brighter horizons soon I am very happy to have met him and can say it was a pleasure talking to him. To learn more about this ambitious soon-to-be civil engineer, check out his web page at

http://davidaceves.com !


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