Week 6 – Artist Interview – Isaiah Ulloa

This past week I took a walk into the CSULB student art galleries and found a gallery that really got my attention. I would consider myself as someone who does like art and galleries however I have found that thus far I have not been able to truly feel  what the artists have been communicating in the galleries I have visited so far. Not to say they are not great works perhaps they are just over my head when I have had very few studies in Art myself but I digress. The gallery I was quite fond of was put together by a team of artists who collaborated together to create both interesting and bizarre pieces of Art and I definitely think they were successful. The title of this collaboration was Labyrinth.



                                                         A Picture of Unfortuate Quality Showing the Creators and the Title

This gallery featured many great pieces including a goat that seemed to be created in layers and what appeared to be a human mannequin with a deer’s head which definitely stole the show. The piece I was most interested in however was a snow piece (or The Snow Piece I was not quite sure in its description by its artist).


image  image

                                                                                  The Snow Piece by Artist Isaiah Ulloa 

While this image looks like a small body resting or perhaps dead in frosty snow it is actually a smaller scale representation of Isaiah Ulloa himself lying on his side and the pristine “snow” is shredded foam. This work, as well as other works in the gallery , were created and inspired by technology according to Isaiah Ulloa. He described his work as a combination of the work of a cnc 3d printer as well as some hand carving. He was very proud of the audience response to his work and was eager to answer my questions about it. He said this piece took about 3 weeks which fascinated me because it shed some light on the process of 3d printing. I was surprised to learn though that this piece was not based on any sort of narrative. Isaiah said of his work that was inspired by the technology him and his fellow classmates used. They really wanted to see what they could do with the printer and the results were quite amazing. I felt this body died in the snow but somehow achieved peace in its final moments. I asked about the reasoning behind it though and he said again that it was not story based but he does like that it has this ambiguous identity. To me, this piece does exhibit death but not in a  morbid way. The pure whiteness of the snow emotes peace and the face of the body does not express anguish. I like this peace because there is a lot of depth to it. You can look at it from many different angles and perhaps see it in a different light. I also feel it speaks in its simplicity. The body seems to be intentional as does the surrounding ‘snow’. I really appreciated this gallery and this piece in particular. Check out the tags to read up more on this ambitious young artist!




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