Week 6 – Activity – Drawing

“Draw me like one of your French girls…”

One can truly get the essence of Kate Winlet’s passionate plea to Leonardo DiCaprio by using the app: “French Girls” (available on iOS platforms, sorry android!). This week I engaged in the act of drawing a random stranger’s selfie as well as having a random stranger draw my selfie(s). While I did actually enjoy this  activity quite a bit, the results were well not what I expected. In using “French Girls” you have the choice of drawing someone’s selfie or trying to get someone to draw yours. Many choose to try to replicate the selfie which can have some amazing results and some not so amazing or perhaps just abstract results. Others however decide to go a different direction with the selfie or continue the selfie which is interesting to observe. Many selfies so go un-drawn do to artists like myself that really could not possibly replicate the selfie or cannot figure out how to go a different way with it. These however are my results:

image image

                                                            My Selfies and their Artistic Interpretations 

I feel the first artist, BunklyShapelessWizard, definitely got my side stair down which is the focal point of my selfie. Good job BunklyShapelessWizard! The hair I feel is pretty close to however I am not sure what the artist was trying to communicate with the lips. Do I talk too much?? Are my lips simply that big and I haven’t noticed?! who can be sure but I really am fond of my new skin color I could use the tan. As for artist number two, AccidentallyQueueyBanger, I felt went a more abstract interpretation. Very few elements from my original selfie are imployed. I feel the one eye, or eyebrow, line is intentional as it does show my expression however it would be much harder to know more from this drawing. I do feel I slightly resemble a football quarterback though which helps convey the tough girl attitude I was going for so definitely a plus in my book.

The task of drawing a selfie is much more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

image image

My first attempt was abstract, I was trying to extend the selfie into a “Dia De Los Muertos” face which turned out alright in my opinion. I made the flower gray and green as a throwback to the eye in the original picture. Overall I was going for light and fun. My second attempt was going for realistic. I used a stylus for more exact lines and tried hard to convey the original picture. The result? Not my best.however I did have a lot of fun using this app and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to better their drawing, or creative, abilities. Hopefully you enjoyed my failed or not failed selfies as much as I did!


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