Week 2 – Glamfa Artist – Evan Trine

I have had the pleasure of viewing the great works of Glamfa artists the past two weeks and I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity. This week I focused my intention on a piece by Evan Trine titled : “Untitled”.

“Unititled” by Evan Trine

Evan Trine wrote on his biography that he focuses on creating an abstract image from an ordinary photograph. This is quite evident in “Untitled” as there really is no clear answer as to what is being pictured. Trine uses colors and hues to intentionally make his image abstract and he succeeded. Despite the chaos though, this piece came off as beautiful to me. I really admire the colors he used to create this abstract image. I feel that the image as meant to shocked as it did shock me when I first saw it. The image is bold in its shapes and colors and encourages visitors to stare to really see the whole piece in its entirety.

Trine mentions the importance of scale and color in his works and “Unititled” is both large and bright in color. Because of the size of the piece I was really able to look at every facet of the image. As I said before I couldn’t see what the image was but I don’t think whatever it was is meant to be the focus. Trine creates art based on how he has extremely changed and image and this change becomes it’s own identity. Because this piece has such a large scale, you can really see the detail in the effects used to alter this image. I like the size of this piece because I can really look at it for a long time and still do find more to see.

Trine’s emphasis on color is quite evident by the bright and intense colors he uses in “Unititled”. I am very drawn to the violet at the top of the image. I feel that it is what catches my eye first simply because of its intensity. I especially like and appreciate the contrast thought from the violet to the yellows and greens that are visible in the mid section of the piece. These colors don’t seem like they would ordinarily be put together which is likely why Trine had them adjacent to one another. The conflict is reconciled though by the pink that is also in the mid section as well ad the bottom of the piece I think the shades of pink serve as a bridge between the extreme color was to bring the piece together and make it a whole insteade of many parts on a single canvas. Overall I admire Trine’s boldness in his art and enjoyed analyzing “Untitled”.

To learn more about Evan Trine’s art visit http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Trine_2014.html and view his wonderful work of abstraction. To learn more about Glamfa and it’s artists visit greaterlamfa.com.



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