Week 2 – Activity – Relational Aesthetics

This week I was granted a homework assignment of doing what I do every week: post a random snapshot of my life on Instagram! The only difference to this activity was that I not only looked and analyzed my pictures, but I looked into he minds of many of my fellow Art 110 students by browsing the hashtag : art110f14. The results were pretty cool.

My full time love and best friend and I sharing a snack

For my personal Instagram posts, I merely shot random pictures from the day. I had one picture where I tried to be artistic but other than that I just took fun pictures, nothing to deep. I think that many people are like myself in posting pictures that are just snapshots of the day but who is to say that in itself is not art? We carefully decide on the one perfect picture to capture a moment then enhance that moment with an effect or a filter. It does require some level of thought to choose the right moment to highlight what we want to be highlighted and seen by others. I do wish I posted with greater depth however I am barely a blossom in the adult world I have a long time to figure these types of things out so I’m not too worried.

This Instagram user and fellow student had wonderful lipstick

The next trend I noticed was of course the mighty selfie. I also contributed to this and honestly I don’t feel ashamed as many of us feel we should be. Selfies are so cool ! This one that I featured shows us a wonderful confidence, the confidence to smile, to post a selfie, and to rock blue lipstick. Every person has their own idea of what a selfie should be so when you see so many connected my a common hashtag you can really see the similarities and differences. Many people smile which gives the message that that person is probably (and hopefully) happy. Others have a serious expression because it shows the wonderful accents on their faces. We should celebrate our differences and our confidence and stop poking fun or discouraging the empowering selfie!

This Instagram user and fellow student could pass for a professional

The third trend I noticed was many users turning something ordinary, such as a can of “Arizona” tea, into an image of art. Instagram has encouraged people around the world to create artistic images of ordinary objects and/or events and the results can really make you smile. This simple can looks so grand here and why shouldn’t it? After all this tea is pretty good. Many of my fellow students posted artistic pictures of their daily lives or objects they came across and their pictures came out great! Instagram has encouraged us to find art in our daily rituals and many people truly have.

Someone worked so tirelessly to create this deliciousness

The last trend I will highlight here is that where Instagram users post pictures of other artists’ work whether it be a piece in a gallery or the beautiful plating of a delicious dinner. I noticed many Art 110er’s posting pictures from the art galleries at CSULB especially. I think this is pretty cool because you are not only showing an appreciation for that hard work and dedication but you are also helping that artist gain popularity amongst a large audience. I definitely wanted what she’s having because her picture made that food look amazing. I think that people who don’t consider themselves to have an interest in art found a hidden interest because of this assignment. We had to find something picture worthy and for some of us, that was the awesome art of someone else. We can definitely appreciate the hard work and talent of the artists around us and Instagram encourages us to do so as well as find the similarities we have with one another which is something pretty awesome to think about. To see more pictures from this creative class visit Instagram.com (or access the app) and search the hashtag : art110f14, enjoy !


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