Week 1 – Glamfa artist – Lisa Diane Wedgeworth

Continuing my pursuit of knowledge on Thursday, August 28th, I explored the Glamfa art exhibit with my aforementioned classmate. One piece in particular grabbed my attention in its artistry and simplicity:



Celestial Body no. 2005 by Lisa Diane Wedgeworth 

Celestial Body no. 2005 captured my attention in many ways. I admired the perspective of the ‘celestial body’ as it is not merely one-dimension. I also admire the black and white theme. I feel less color can speak louder depending on the piece. On the Glamfa website, which by the way is : greaterlamfa.com if you want to read up on some of these amazing artists, Lisa Diane Wedgeworth writes that she relies on personal and collective memory to gain inspiration for her work. I feel this is evident in the depth of this particular piece. When one gazes into it, movement is felt; this piece is not stagnant as memories can be relieved and are not merely picture from a distant past. Wedgeworth also draws on the relationship between the celestial and the earth as she writs in her short biography. I feel what she is communicating in the distinct differences of light and dark on this artwork. The light perhaps represents the celestial and the dark, the earthly. Both are connecting this showing a relationship. I admire how Wedgeworth creates such a connection when employing minimal colors. I feel that I could gaze into is piece for a long time and still find a depth in the body because of how the light changes to dark. I also get a sense of  a night sky by the black surrounding the body which I feel greatly ties the piece together. I think that the imagery Wedgeworth attempts to portray is spot on and overall very beautiful. To experience the piece for yourself or to read up on Ms. Lisa Diane Wedgeworth visit :


Awe-inspiring pieces await for you there!


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