Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – John Tran

image  John Tran – Sociology major, fellow Art 110 student

On Thursday morning, August 28th, I met the very interesting John Tran via our Art 110 class for an driving where we must get to know another classmate. I was not disappointed with mr. John Tran. I quickly learned the basics, that being that John is a sociology major who transferred from Orange Coast college and he is currently a junior at Cal State Long Beach. The ordinary becomes extraordinary though when he told me that he actually wants to pursue a career in aviation and has actually already begun practicing in flight basics. John is quite interested in the out door world as he loves snowboarding or participating as a spectator in many other sports. He does not have a large interest in art however he has had some great experiences with it. Over the summer John participated in a study abroad program where he got to travel to France, England, and the Netherlands. There he would take short classes and then go offend explore the wonderful culture Europe has to offer. As part of his adventures, John went to quite a few amazing art museums where he experienced the art of legends such as Leonardo Da Vinci and of course he was able to visit the historic Mona Lisa. All in all John has a pretty interesting life and though it is not quite involved with art, it is definitely fulfilling and a life worth living with even more adventures to come in the world of aviation. He does have high hopes for our art 110 class though and he looks forward to adding it to his wonderful story thus far. To see more of  the very interesting John Tran be sure to visit his website at johnhieptran.wordpress.com !




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